How To Find A Client’s Perfect Metallic Shade

December 14, 2017


‘Tis the season for party dresses! Stores abound with glitzy frocks, and making sure you dress your client in the most flattering metallic for her coloring will help her shine as bright as the star on top of her tree.


Knowing which metallic to put your client is determined by whether she has warm or cool undertones. If she’s a lucky neutral, she can wear either!



Gold and rose gold are for clients with warm undertones. Individuals that are considered warm have yellow undertones in their skin. Any unevenness under their eyes will be yellow or green, and their veins (look on the underside of their wrists) will appear yellow or green.



Silver and platinum are for clients with cool undertones. Cool clients have red undertones in their skin. Uder-eye unevenness and veins will appear blue.


If your client loves a metallic that is less complementary to her skin, read tips on how to make it work here.


Unsure how to determine if your client has warm, cool or neutral undertones? Learn how to do it through our Color Analysis course.



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