Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Theriot

November 8, 2017


This week we’re delighted to introduce you to recent Committed Program Alumni, Stephanie Theriot. Stephanie is a personal stylist based in Lafayette, LA where she runs her personal styling business, Style With Steph. Today she’s sharing her go-to boutiques in Lafayette, how she manages her time so she can run her business efficiently and the key part wine plays in her styling process.


Welcome Stephanie!


What led you to The Paid Stylist?  When did you finish The Paid Stylist program?

Honestly, my mom found it! When I knew this was what I wanted to do, I started by helping women purge their closets to get my foot in the door. Then I started styling and shopping for clients. Once I started, I realized I definitely needed help jump starting my business. My mom helped by doing some research, and stumbled across The Paid Stylist. I finished up at the end of July.


What did you do before you became a personal stylist?

I was a sales associate and manager at a local boutique called Hemline for seven years. My love and experience for styling began there.


What types of clients do you most enjoy working with?

Being able to style someone-- anyone --and making them feel good about themselves is what I really enjoy. My main clients are very social, and hire when they have a last minute Girls Night Out or a weekend event so they know they are covered. Those clients are the most fun to style, and what I truly get excited for, because I get to pick through amazing pieces like a kid in a candy store!


Where in your city is your favorite place to shop with clients? Any hidden gems you'd like to share?

Lafayette doesn't have a Saks or a Nordstrom, but it makes up for it by having a variety of local boutiques. I love to shop local as much as possible! I always hit up my old stomping ground, Hemline. Amor is another one of my go-to shops. Genterie Supply Co. and Maven Menswear are two really great men's boutiques as well.


What has been the biggest lesson you've learned from running a personal styling business/ being a personal stylist?

I’ve learned that time management is no joke. It can eat you alive if you let it! Alongside running my personal styling business, I am also the secretary for my father's business (he's a developer, definitely not styling related). As of very recently, I am also the new Style Editor of an upcoming bridal magazine, MOTIF Magazine, launching this January. Juggling it all, and making sure I have the time for my clients, can be overwhelming. I’ve found that being really organized (something I've had to learn!) can make a huge difference. Sticking to a routine has also helped a lot. I wake up every morning at 6:00, drink my coffee in bed, peruse social media and news, and make a game plan for the day. I’m usually out the door before 8:00. Without time management, you will drive yourself crazy.


What are your favorite styling tips and/ or tricks?

Wine. When in doubt, wine. What I mean is that being a stylist is a very intimate thing. You are in people's homes, in their closets, for hours and days and weeks. So it's only natural that you bond. You're their stylist, their girlfriend, and sometimes their therapist. When I finish a shopping trip, I bring my client to get a glass of wine. When we are done with a closet sort, I open a bottle of champagne. It relaxes your client, as well as creates a bond. I think it's extremely important to know as much about your client as possible, so that you can do your job to the best of your ability.


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