Personal & Business Discovery


Personalized Plan Development


Business Plan Implementation


Establishing Healthy & Profitable Business Habits


Personal & Business Discovery


It would be insane for us to make calculated adjustments to expand your personal styling business without getting personal first. Our time together will begin with a Personal & Business Discovery session where we outline the specific (and critical) dynamics of your personal orbit. For example:


  • Is personal styling a part-time or full-time endeavor?  

  • How much time are you currently devoting to styling clients and growing your business?

  • Are you caring for others while running your personal styling business?

  • What do you consider business success?


Once we have defined the personal, we will then discuss the specific areas that will be tweaked, removed, and added to your business in order to transition into an expansion model.


Personalized Plan Development


Upon completion of the Personal & Business Discovery process, I will use the information gathered to generate a custom business blueprint for your styling enterprise. Your custom business blueprint will serve as a high-level map that will assist as a guide during our time together and beyond.


Less Clients, More Style

A new maximum number of clients you will serve per year and the top-tier revenue schedule that will allow you to style only those who want to go deeper in style and relationship with you.


Less Time, More Revenue

To replace the revenue of frequent one-time clients, we will incorporate a new high-revenue, multi-functioning service that will require less time to execute, create a hyper-focused sales funnel for you and your team (if you decide to add a team), elevate your expertise and overall brand image, and provide you with time (and peace of mind) to take a break from the 365 hustle.

Turnkey Solutions

You can be assured the expansion plan we will implement includes zero fluff and is ready for immediate use. This means that you will not waste precious time and energy on:

  • Outlining, testing, and refining the process.

  • Outsourcing design and marketing assets.

  • Creating sales copy from scratch.

  • Learning how to price your new high-revenue services and figuring out whom to sell it to.


Styling Team

If you decide to expand your business with a team of stylists, your custom blueprint will include the roles & responsibilities for your team, compensation model, service structure, and a sales funnel system that allows you to cheerfully distribute new business to your team.


Overall Admin & Marketing Adjustments

Your custom blueprint will allocate time to adjust and align brand and/or marketing endeavors with your expansion plan, which will include some or all of the following:

  • Retainer/Membership Model Agreements

  • Junior Stylist Agreements

  • New Services Copy

  • New Team Messaging for Email & Social Media Marketing


Once I have completed your custom business blueprint, we will go over the plan and, together, make any necessary adjustments. Once your custom blueprint is a Go, we'll transition into our third phase - Implementation!


Business Plan Implementation


As a thriving personal stylist, you already know that a pretty business plan means nothing without execution. During Phase 3, I will provide you with specific action steps to take each week in order to reach key milestones:


  • Milestone 1: Learn, Set Up and Integrate New Top-Tier Services

  • Milestone 2a: Introduce New Top-Tier Services to Focus Group

  • Milestone 2b: Learn, Set Up and Integrate Styling Team Business Model

  • Milestone 3: Branding, Messaging & Website Updates

  • Milestone 4: Marketing & Promotion Schedule & Set Up


As your business mentor, I will be with you every step of the way. Ensuring your questions are answered, comments are heard, and accomplishments are celebrated!


Establishing New Business-Generating Habits


At this point in your personal styling career, your marketing systems are dialed in! That's why our fourth and final phase of YM3 will focus on establishing NEW business-generating habits that focus on outbound sales calls, plus team integration and development.


  • Introducing and marketing new membership service.

  • Creating and executing an outbound sales and marketing plan.

  • Providing in-person Employee Development Workshop demos to corporations or associations.

  • Hiring, Training and Setting Up Your Styling Team for Business Success

  • Integrate expansion messaging into email, in-person, and social media marketing endeavors.


As your business mentor, I will provide you with a unique blend of suggestions, tips, and accountability that is imperative during your new and BIG business changes.


While developing YM3, I wanted to ensure that you were provided with not only the best in mentoring services but also with a business toolkit so comprehensive it would make a swiss army knife cry and beg for mercy.


With that objective in mind, I decided to hold nothing back. I’m providing you with every administrative tool, online course, back-end tool & process, marketing technique & template, and styling documentation necessary to re-launch your personal styling business. All of it. It's yours.

Private Mentoring with Michelle Rodriguez

Phase 1 Mentoring: Personal & Business Discovery

  • Live Personal & Business Discovery Session


Phase 2 Mentoring: Personalized Plan Development

  • Custom Blueprint Generation

  • Live Custom Blueprint Review


Phase 3 Mentoring: Business Plan Implementation

  • Weekly Business Set Up Action Steps & Support

  • Weekly Personal Styling Action Steps & Support

  • Weekly Check-Ins & Support

  • Service Copy Edits & Support

  • Marketing Copy Edits & Support

  • For the exception of doing the work for you, I'm all over you and your business during Phase 3. 


Phase 4 Mentoring: Establishing New Business-Generating Habits

  • Weekly Outbound Sales & Marketing Action Steps & Support

  • Weekly Online Marketing Action Steps & Support

  • Weekly Team Development Action Steps & Support

  • Again, for the exception of doing the work for you, I'm 100% invested in you and your business during Phase 4. 

Expand Mastermind 

Exclusive mastermind resources will be offered to those who are implementing an expansion business plan. These two resources are a perfect way to meet, connect, learn and be inspired by other personal stylists who are in your exact shoes. 


> Monthly Mastermind Call

​​​> Mastermind Business Retreat in Portland, OR

Unlimited Access to Core & Advanced Online Content

Core Online Business Courses

  • Service Structure for New & Returning Clients

  • Pricing Structure for New & Returning Clients

  • Payment Tools, Process & Best Practices

  • Scheduling Tools, Process & Best Practices

  • Business Formation / Registration Process & Best Practices


Core Online Styling Courses

  • Sort, Shop & Style Styling Process

  • Client Onboarding Forms, Process & Best Practices

  • Client Lookbook Tools, Process & Best Practices

  • Color Analysis

  • Body Type Analysis
  • Photo Styling Service & Process
  • Virtual Styling Service & Process


Core Online Marketing Courses

  • Retail Recon - Creating & Building Solid Retail Partnerships

  • Presenting Style - Creating & Providing a Style Presentation to Small Groups or Organizations.

  • Crafting a Newsletter - A Step-by-Step Guide to Publish a Gorgeous & Action-Packed Newsletter

  • High-Level Marketing - A Step-by-Step Guide to Create & Execute a 12-Month Promotion & Marketing Calendar

Unlimited Access to Core Marketing Templates

Personal Styling & Administrative Documents

  • Bio + Core Services Sales Sheet (New Clients)​

  • Newsletter Sign Up Sheet

  • Post Card with Copy & Call To Action

  • Closet Edit Marketing Handout with Copy & Call To Action

  • Newsletter Design & Content Template

  • Welcome Email Design & Content Template

  • PowerPoint / Slide Deck Template + Corresponding Handouts for In Person Styling Presentations 


I'm excited to learn more about you and work in unison to implement the next BIG phase in your thriving business. Upon enrollment, our work begins! You will be asked to book time on my calendar for our initial call, and I will provide you with your first assignment. Nothing like hitting the ground running.


You want YM3 pro bono.

You want to go through YM3 along with the services of another business and/or marketing consultant or business and/or marketing program.


You are unable to invest 20 - 25 hrs per week, for three consecutive months in order to advance your business. This includes, but is not limited to: write and/or customize content, market research, sales & marketing planning + execution, setting up and testing administrative systems + tools, customizing marketing templates, executing styling services, etc.


You are not open to adjusting current brand colors and/or design assets such as fonts, logo, patterns, etc.


You find it extremely difficult to create and share a document electronically. In other words, technology cripples you.

You are against promoting yourself and/or your business through either in person and/or online marketing endeavors.


You want to go through YM3 in order to learn (aka, "be inspired by") its systems and resources, then offer and charge for a similar service.



Wonderful. So am I.